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10 Shocking Toys For Kids

What’s a common idea of a toy for a kid? Some of you might think of a plush bear or Barbie. But some manufacturers understand the meaning of a toy in a completely different way, sometimes even weird and a bit scary.

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Robots are entering our life actively and the companies are fighting for their consumers. It turns out it’s possible to equip a robot with a cross and call it Jesus. Were they actually hoping to attract religious buyers?
Although these dolls have visibly feminine hairstyles, it’s pretty easy to recognize a defined shape of male genitals. We can’t but wonder if a hermaphrodite was exactly the intended image of a final product.
That’s one bewildering gift for a child. It’s either a plush camel head or maybe a post-apocalyptic hamster suffering from radiation fattening.
Two plush toys shaped like a urine drop and a poo look amazingly pitiful. Spreading their arms in this helpless gesture they seem to be asking “Why? Why me?”
A hockey-stick with its end cap shaped like a golden penis is definitely going to develop sadomasochism fantasies among kids.
In 2009 British stores started selling a pretty strange toy for kids – a pole-dancing doll. No wonder it aroused massive indignation and resentment among parents and was soon removed from both stores and production lines.
A concentration camp made of Lego blocks is not for sale in stores. This artwork by a Polish artist was made of Lego blocks which Lego Company provided him with for free. Although later on the company claimed they had no idea about his intentions. They even threatened to sue him, but it never happened. In 2012 a museum in Warsaw bought the artwork for 72,000 dollars.
Crushed under the car wheels is nothing but an amusing toy. Can you see this happy smile on the boy’s face on the box? Seems like we just don’t get the joke.
Now here’s some strange unknown creature. And even despite the visible teeth there’s still a feeling it shows its remarkable behind instead of the face. Adorable, isn’t it? What a marvelous example of an educational toy.
A sweet little girl with a sunshine smile rides some creepy one-eyed monster. Looking at it from a particular angle it seems as if the girl is looking out of the monster’s skull. I’d love to meet parents who chose this model of a children’s car for their beloved baby.

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