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2 Tips for Styling Your A-Line Bob | Short Hairstyles

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I have a couple of a-line bob styling tips. When you have a cut that’s asymmetrical or it goes to a sharper point in the front, a really fun thing to do would be to play up the styling. I think traditionally, we style hair like that all kind of flowing under and very, very straight and sleek. But one of the biggest trends we’re seeing right now is actually adding a curl or a wave to hair of that length. Maybe just tonging in some curls or adding a soft, beachy look to it, so instead of everything being so sleek and one-dimensional, you get to see a little bit more dimension throughout the hair. You see it a lot in stars. Like Keira Knightley has done a beautiful job of transitioning shorter into longer hair by just kind of adding a little bit of wave.

Another thing that’s really popular right now is we’re not being so regimented with our styles, meaning if you have hair that kind of kicks to one side we’re playing up that little kick. So you see things be a lot less precise, almost messy on purpose. So play around a little bit with your styling. Think outside of the box a bit. And those are some tips for styling your a-line bob.


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