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20 Popular Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Short haircuts are also in trends among black women’s. Black women’s like to carry very trendy, sexy short hairstyles with unique hair color tones and with unique style in which she looks amazing, attractive and trendy. Now days, they carry the trendy short hairstyles with unique cuts and designs. Here are some best 25 examples of short haircuts carried by black women’s.
1. Edgy is a very short hairstyle carried by a black women. In this picture the side view of edgy haircut is shown. She carries black and light brownish tone with an edgy haircut. She looks attractive and stylish in this edgy hairstyle.

2. In 2014, most of the black women also carry very short haircuts to look unique, trendy and sexy. Many well known black women celebrities also carry this trendy hairstyle.

3. Very short and trendy hairstyles are popular among the black girls. They carry these trendy haircuts to look stylish and trendy. To look more unique and trendy some of the black girls also dye her hairs in a unique hair color tones.

4. Pixie is one of the best and very trendy hairstyle of 2013. Black women’s can also carry pixie haircut. It is very short in length. This black women in the picture below carry pixie haircut with black hairs.

5. Most of the black women have naturally had curly hairs that are very attractive and stylish. This year curly hairstyles are also in trends with a short length. Black women easily carry these hairs with short haircuts.

6. Sassy is also a very unique and trendy short haircut form. Most of the well known celebrities can carry this haircut to look unique, trendy and stylish.

7. Eva Pigford is a well known celebrity and a trendy black lady also. She always looks very trendy and stylish. Now days she carries a very trendy too short haircut with mix brown and blonde hair color tone.

8. Bangs is one of the very popular hairstyle of this year. Black women also carry bangs but most of the black women carry this hairstyle in a black hair color tone.

9. Kinky is also a unique hairstyle form only for the curly hairs. It looks amazing and unique. Girl in a picture below looks cute in this short kinky hairstyle. Blonde hair color tone also looks best with this hairstyle.

10. Black women like to carry short haircuts with curly hairstyles. These are also popular among black women.

11. Most of the well known black celebrities carry this short trendy hairstyle only to look trendier and more unique and stylish also. They can carry theses hairstyles with unique styles and cuts which make them looking different and stylish from others.

12. We all are familiar with this trendy lady Rihanna. She is also a well known singer and a trendy and stylish lady. Now days she carries a very cute short haircut with a blonde hair color tone and she looks sexy and hot in that new look.

13. Most of the black women also like to carry short hair styles with straight hairs.


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