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35 Short Hair Color Trends 2013 — 2014

Aside from some qualities such as the texture, volume, and length of the hair, there is another factor which makes for a striking and charming hairstyle—and this factor refers to the hues and colors we usually add to our hair to make it more attractive and lovely. Physical beauty is relative and dependent on the sensitivity of our eyesight. A hairstyle is usually considered beautiful and lovely when there is symmetry and balance in the texture, volume, length, and colors of the hair. Yet, there are also hairstyles which show a lot of contrast and asymmetry, yet still look pleasing and charming, and for this reason, we could say that contrast and asymmetry can be likewise beautiful.
Choosing hair colors is not an easy task. But some people have the knack for getting the right color combination for everything. In relation to hairstyling, we could say that these people can surely create beautiful and charming hairstyles by simply combining the right color and hues in a hairstyle. Yet, there are also some guidelines on how to combine colors to come up with the best result. You can get a good idea of hair color combination by actually experimenting with hair colors. Yet, this may be a delicate job because in so doing, you might be involved in a trial-and-error process and nobody wants to get enmeshed in a trial-and-error process with their hairstyle. This process can be costly if it ruins your hair, it would take time to get it back to its awesome look. In order to minimize miscalculation in color combination and loss of time, we have deemed it necessary to compile in this short article 35 of the best short hair color trends to give you a general idea on which color and color combination may be appropriate to your hairstyle. Have a fun time browsing through this article.
1. The Lovely and Attractive Bob Hair with Light Ash Brown, Dirty Blonde, and Black Highlights

2. The Lovely Copper Red-colored Spiky Pixie Cut

3. The Very Seductive and Attractive Violet-Colored Hairstyle

4. The Very Charming Bob Hair with Dirty Blonde and Light Ash Brown Color

5. The Ravishingly Attractive Dirty Blonde Wavy Bob Hair with Auburn Brown Highlights at the Top

6. The Lovely and Attractive Pixie Cut with Awesome Highlights and Little Lovely Spikes

7. The Very Nice and Charming Copper Blonde Bob Cut

8. The Very Charming and Elegant Dark Magenta Bob Hair

9. Cool and Fiery Copper Red Pixie with Cute Spikes

10. The Awesome and Attractive Pixie Cut with Highlights of Turquoise
11. The Cute and Charming Copper Red Pixie Cut

12. Cool and Charming Dirty Blonde Messy Bob Hair

13. The Lovely and Attractive Copper Red Pixie Cut

14. The Very Sleek and Attractive Bob Hair with Awesome Color Combination

15. The Very Unique Brushed-up Pink Pixie Cut

16. The Boyish yet Charming Pixie Cut with Nice Highlights

17. The Awesome Black-colored Pixie with Platinum Highlights

18. The Blunt-ended Bob Hair with Highlights of Purple, Platinum, Light Brown Colors

19. The Fabulous and Attractive Pixie Cut with Beautiful Highlights of Denim Blue, Purple, Platinum, and Other Colors
20. The Lovely Combination of Auburn Brown, Medium Brown, and Cherry Red Colors in a Bob Hair
21. Lovely and Attractive Black Pixie with Hues of Copper Blonde
22. Cool Combination of Dirty Blonde and Dark Brown Colors in a Pixie Cut

23. Lovely And Attractive Blunt Ends Bob Hair with Violet Color

24. Hefty and Bulky Copper Red Asymmetric Bob Hair

25. Modern Copper Red-colored Pixie With Platinum-imbued Top Section

26. Cool And Awesome Dirty Blonde-colored Hair

27. Lovely and Charming Light Brown-colored Hair with Light Blue Fringes

28. Awesome Pink-colored Pixie Cut with Grey Undersides

29. The Cool and Pretty Light Blonde-colored Bob Hair

30. Glamorous and Amazing Bob Hair with Awesome Color Combination
31. The Lovely and Charming Pixie Cut with Light Blonde Top Section and Vermillion Undertone

32. The Very Charming Light Ash Brown Flip Out Bob Hairstyle

33. Very Modern Black-colored Blunt-ends Bob Hair with Hues of Copper Blonde
34. Mesmerizing Copper Blonde-colored Bob Hair with Hues of Light Brown and Cherrhy Red
35. Cool and Charming Copper Blonde-colored Pixie Cut with Light Brown Undertone
Maybe you have noticed how some common hairstyles in the list become fabulous and attractive with the addition of varied colors. This is simply because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is subjective. Our eyes are sensitive to colors and utilizing the proper color combinations can create an awesome appeal and consequently can change our look. For this reason, adding a minimal undertone or hue on one side of our hair, on the top section, or on the bangs can greatly enhance the appeal of our hair. We hope that this lovely list of trendy short hair colors have given you ample ideas on how to amplify and enhance the appeal of your hair. This is definitely the best time for you to look awesome and splendid!


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