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Bad Boys and Bad Girls Episode 19 Part 2/3 SEASON FINALE!

Part two of the season finale!

“So, sweetheart, how do you like it?” The woman asked me softly. I let my eyes flicker up at it in the mirror to glance at it, but I wasn’t too focused. My thoughts were dark and all over the place. However, I nodded slightly and acted like I cared.
“It’s perfect.” I said, feigning excitement.
“Great!” She clapped her hands together before leading me across the store. “Well, I’ll give you this bottle of conditioner so that the dye will last a lot longer. When the dye starts to fade out of your hair, you can use this new bottle of dye to make it fresh again. And if you need anymore dye when you run out, you can buy some more from the beauty supply store down the street, or you can always come back here.” She said with a warm smile. I nodded and fake smiled right back at her. After that, I paid the lady and grabbed my backpack, slowly heading towards the loft. When there, I opened the door and heard talking in a nearby room.
“I’m here, with my new hairstyle.” I called with no enthusiasm. My sisters bounded down the stairs, both giving me sympathetic smiles. Of course, he had to tell them.. I let my eyes downcast to the ground, surprised with two pairs of arms hugged me. They brought me over to the couch, and sat me down. I didn’t fight back, either. I didn’t have the strength anymore to do so. Brianna pulled me tightly into her arms, and I just let go, starting to cry hard into her shoulder. She rubbed my back with sad eyes, trying to calm me. “Brianna.. It’s over. He broke up with me..” I cried. She nodded sadly and hugged me tighter.
“We know, Dee. It’s going to be alright, sister. Jay and I will help you get through this.” She said, with care seeping through her words, and Jaylee nodding in agreement. After a few minutes of silence, Jaylee spoke up.
“Dee?” I looked up at my name. “Joe got us the chance for a deal, with Disney surprisingly, and you have to sing..” She coughed awkwardly. “The acting will come in later, but they’re waiting for us upstairs right now for the singing proportion.” Jaylee said solemnly. I nodded my head slightly, even if I wasn’t in the mood. This was a once in a lifetime thing, though.
“Is Joe going be there?” I asked quietly. I didn’t have time for him and the drama, and I desperately hoped he wouldn’t be there. My hopes were crushed, though, when they nodded sympathetically. Sighing, I sucked it up, and I wiped away my tears. “Okay. That doesn’t matter! I’ll do it.” I said, no excitement in my voice at all.
“By the way, I love the new hairstyle.” Brianna attempted. I only smiled half-heartedly to Brianna. After that, I started trudging up the stairs, my sisters not far behind. Each step I took was another step towards the source of my pain, and I desperately wanted to retreat. But instead, I walked into the studio room where I heard talking, and I saw all three guys. Next to them, I saw two guys that I knew were going to record us. I caught Joe’s eyes for a moment, which showed no emotion at all. I looked away as my stomach churned with anxiety, and I sat on the couch. “We told her about it.” Brianna said told the three brothers, effectively ending the conversation all five of the guys were having. Kevin nodded at Brianna, and then looked at me.
“Your turn to go in, Dee. Bri and Jay already did.” Kevin gave me a sympathetic smile. I sighed, and nodded. Walking into the small room, I tried to calm myself as I took the mixed CD out of my bag. They put it in, and I quietly announced the two songs that I’d be doing as a mashup. As I started to sing, I felt my heart swell up with pain. A few days ago, these words were just lyrics to a song. Now, they take on a whole new meaning in my life now.

“Tell me how I’m supposed to breath with no air…

But how, do you expect me,
To live alone with just me?
‘Cause my world revolves around you,
It’s so hard for me to breath.
Tell me how I’m suppose to breath with no air.
Can’t live, can’t breath with no air.
That’s how I feel when I know you ain’t there,
There’s no air, no air.”

After I finished the chorus, the beat of the song soon changed, and I was singing my heart out to My Life Would Suck Without You. I was near tears when I walked out of the room. Of course, it didn’t help when I caught Joe glaring at me. Soon after, him and his brothers walked into the little room, ready to perform as a group. Kevin and Nick looked disappointed, though they didn’t put up a fight with their brother’s choice of song.
“I wrote this song a few hours ago, for someone special in that room.” Joe said coldly. I soon felt sick after the first few lines of the song, and tears easily came down my face.


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