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Be A Successful Hair Stylist 2013- Life After Beauty School vlog

said 2012 meant 2013**

This video is informal, no hype, just sharing real info :) stay tuned to my site lifeafterbeautyschool.com as it develops into something amazing to help everyone that’s willing to do the work.

As it comes i’ll record it and upload

I have seen some amazing numbers daily in the salon!! I want to share how I made things happen! What made me change my attitude :) I am not here to brag but share the ideas and action plans I put into place to be well on my way to becoming a high income stylist!! :-)

I will be posting a ton of videos sharing all my knowledge! Hope this helps!! It’s all proven facts!!

Stay tuned for the next video! won’t be as long :-)

Life After Beauty School is what happens when you graduate! Doesn’t matter how long you have been out!

I have assisted stylist that have been doing hair almost longer than I’ve been alive! lol Its all the same!! :)

Stay Tuned!!


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