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bluUKjazzdance-jazzhouse -tribute to John bubbles tap dancer 5

DescriptionPublished on Feb 14, 2015

UK jazz dance AUTHENTIC culture development history IS uns
ung ~It important to know it started in heart of second generation African Caribbean/African homes and community venues preceding the takeoff in the heart of cities, nightclubs and discos all over the country. Built on their avant-garde n bohemian dance steps and spirit of celebration OF 1950s, 1960s. Overseas parents were connoisseur record collectors; top-dancers, fashion icons who pioneered the underground live music and sound system scene AND BLACK CHURCHES.

Second generation were taught in their early learning YEARS by first generation parents to love and value improvising/free styling to their own CULTURAL CREATIVE freestyle music of their day ~modern and swing jazz; blues; ska; RnB; calypso; soul; rock steady; rock ‘n’ roll; reggae; gospel; country ‘n’ western.

UK jazz dance professionals had to forge careers for themselves in the cultural creative industries in UK in and abroad from 70s ~til today by self training themselves to be dancers , lecturers , independent promoters n researchers ~teachers, coaches , mentors , photographers, musicians , djs, arts Managers and administrators AND cultural ambassadors, locally ,regionally ,nationally and internationally ~ a profound and significant achievement unsung ~as well as creating their own schools of dance thinking ~learning and development in north south east west of UK…..reflecting their communities n cities spirit of PRIDE ~progressive learning and forward thinking ~ inherited from their first generation African Caribbean/AFRICAN parents also unsung~ MY city Manchester reflected an avant-garde n bohemian personality n character that was unique from all other cities and is part of my dance leadership professional practice today as a self taught lecturer , independent promoter n researcher ~teacher, coach , mentor , arts Manager and administrator ,cultural ambassador n more, which led to me as dyslexic Cultural Creative Leader being awarded a place on the Arts Council Great Britain Cultural Leadership Programme “Artists Leading by Practice” in 2010 ~a profound and significant achievement unsung~


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