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Celebrity Hairstyles: Audrey Hepburn ~ Long

What You’ll Need

* Workable hair spray
* Hair clips
* Teasing comb
* Hair ties
* Bobby pins

Step 1: Section the Hair

The best way to create this hairstyle is to break it down into sections. 

1. In the front, section off a parting on the side of the head and make it about an inch thick. Bring the section across the head and down to the side. Clip off the section. 

2. On the other side of the parting, make another section that goes down the side of the head. This section should be about two inches thick and end slightly behind the ear. 

3. Separate the hair on the top of the head. This section starts behind and above the front and side sections you just made. It should cover the top and crown of the head. Clip off the section.

4. Now section out vertical strips on the sides of the head in the back. In between them, keep one large back section. 

Step 2: Tease the Hair

To create the volume of Audrey Hepburn’s look, you’ll need to tease the sections of your hair. 

1. Start at the back section. Take horizontal sections of the hair and tease it at the roots. Then bring the section up and tie it into a ponytail just below the crown of the head. 

2. Now work on the top section. Beginning at the back of the section, divide it into thin strips and tease each one. Make sure to tease at the roots to create extra volume. 

As you progress toward the front of the hair, you can decrease your teasing intensity since you want the front to be smoother. Once you finish teasing the top section, pull it back into a single bunch and clip it up. 

3. Next, tease the vertical sections on the sides of the head. Work your way towards the center as you go and smooth the surfaces to hide the teasing.

Step 3: Bring Sections Together

Pull the side sections over the ponytail that you made in the back. Secure them together with a hair tie. This will add to the volume on the top of the head. 

Unclip the top section of hair. Use a comb to bring it into the side sections and combine them into one form. Pin all the hair into the ponytails already placed on the head. 

Take the remaining hair on the sides of the head and build it into the top of the updo. Pin the hair in place. 

Finally, take the front section of hair and mold it along the hairline so it frames the face. Use bobby pins to pin it to the side of the head near the ear.

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