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CES 2015 | 42″ Pro-Cap Interactive Digital Signage for Retail

This 42-inch retail digital signage demo, enabled by Cima NanoTech’s highly conductive SANTE® FS200 touch films, is targeted at retail stores. While we are using the ModiFace Android app here, we wanted to illustrate that with a customized software and built-in camera, cosmetic retail stores like Sephora can program their vendors’ (e.g. MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefits, etc.) line of cosmetic colours in the software; customers can then take a picture of themselves, “try on” different cosmetics digitally to find the right colour before purchasing. Another target market would be hair salons to allow customers to select from an album of hairstyles, see what it looks like on them, before giving their hairstylist the go ahead. Bad haircuts will soon be history!

The 4 key advantages of Cima NanoTech’s SANTE® touch sensors are:

Cima NanoTech manufactures SANTE® touch films in wide-width rolls, allowing our customers to go up to 105-inch screen sizes while maintaining the same, exceptional touch performance of smaller screens.

The excellent conductivity of SANTE® touch films reduces latency and provides a response time of up to 6ms; humans require less than 10ms for a natural touch experience. Users are guaranteed the outstanding touch response that they have become accustomed to on their smartphones and tablets.

The unique direct flexible printed circuit (FPC) bonding design enables large format touch screens with no bezel/border across all screen sizes for a wider display, viewing and touch-enabled area.

Touch panel manufacturers have the freedom to pair SANTE® touch films with any LCD monitor and cover glass in the market as, unlike traditional metal mesh films, the random conductive mesh pattern of SANTE® touch films does not result in moiré issues.


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