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Coiffeur Queen Of 1969 (1969)

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At the Talk of the Town cabaret club (now the Hippodrome nightclub) we see various shots of top hairdressers on the stage, styling the hair of models in a contest to decide the ‘Coiffeur Queen of 1969’. Among the stylists seen are Willy Hullerbrand, Kurt Shrepfer and Harold Leighton. A compere stands on the stage while the stylists work. Banner across the back of the stage reads ‘Schwarzkopf’ – haircare brand that probably organised the event.

Brief shot of the judging table – one of them looks very much like DJ Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart. Good shots of late 60s hairdressing – hairpieces are attached to the models’ heads, ends are snipped and hair is backcombed and teased into position. Some finished styles are pretty far out. Several shots of hairdressers squirting gallons of hairspray on the heads of their models.

The models all line up for the final judging. No. 5, Laura Lawrence, is named the Coiffeur Queen and is kissed by an old man (probably the presenter of prizes). Her hairdo is a towering, plaited, brunette beehive. She is seen wearing the ‘Coiffeur Queen’ winner sash as she is congratulated.
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