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Creative Ways To Get GREEN SMOKEY EYES With Makeup

STEP BY STEP tips to get GREEN SMOKEY EYES with makeup. LEARN from international hair & beauty expert Bubbly J.

How To Apply Green Smokey Eyes Makeup-
1. Apply a Primer over the eye socket and spread it out till the brow bone.
2. Put the gel eyeliner on the eye socket and soften it and spread it.
3. Put the dark green eyeshadow using the right in the middle of the eye socket.
4. Apply it and blend the eye shadow and the eye liner and apply more dark green on the eye socket as well.
5. Apply a dark brown frosted eye shadow with the fluffy brush on the smokey green area and blend it in.
6. Put a Pearlish highlighter and work it inwards on the brow bone. Use some on tear duct as well. The pearlish highlighter has a bit of shimmer.
7. To finish the look apply a black eye liner on the water line and the upper eye lid. Then apply mascara on the eyelashes.

Tools You Will Need:
• Flat Brush
• Concealer Brush
• Angle Brush
• Fluffy Eye shadow Brush

Make-up enhances our personalities to a great extent. We all want to look good but many of us find the makeup regimes to be tacky. Stylecraze presents make-up videos which would help you overcome that difficulty and become adept at doing various make-overs for yourself. You need not fret about going to the parlour every time for easier regimes. The video teaches every little detail required for doing a good make-up.

International Make up Expert Bubbly J explores the various make-up regimes and demonstrates the routines in detail in the videos. Check out the videos for further tips and helpful information.

For more videos, watch https://www.youtube.com/user/StylecrazeTV

Here is the article for smokey eyes makeup:- http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/green-smokey-look-for-big-indian-eyes/


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