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Cross My Heart – Adison – Season 7 Episode 1

SEASON 7!!!! Thanks so much for watching, even when they suck =P love ya!

Adam: *smiles and grabs Allisons hand and kisses it* Oh my gosh baby..
Alli: *smiles and starts tearing up* Twin girls..
Adam: I love you..*points to the screen where they show the ultrasound* I can’t believe those are OUR little baby girls!!!
Alli: Yeah..its amazing!
Doctor: Congratulations.
Alli: *smiles*
Doctor: *starts pointing to the screen* See? Theres a head there..and someones leg..
Adam: *holds Alli’s hand tighter*
After theyre done, Allison changes back into normal clothes and they get in the car.
Adam: *puts a hand on her baby bump* My 3 favorite girls!!!!
Alli: *laughs*
Adam: We need to start thinking about our kids!!! I mean, you’re due in 3 months!
Alli: Hon, that IS a pretty long time..
Adam: What’re you getting at here?
Alli: You have to fly out for the movie..
Adam: *kisses her cheek* Sweetie, our love is more important to me than some movie. I love you, I love our kids, and I PROMISE I’ll always be here for my family.
Alli: I love you too *kisses him deeply as he runs his fingers through her hair*
Adam: *kisses her one last time* Love you.
Alli: Me too. *holds his hand and lets him drive her home*
Adam: Hon?
Alli: Yeah Adam?
Adam: We need to start thinking of names.
Alli: I dont know..I might have to meet them first..
Adam: Oh c’mon, sweetie, you have to have SOMETHING in mind!!!
Alli: I like the name Ella..Ella Lambert?
Adam: So beautiful. I kind of like something like Morgan or Cassidy.
Alli: *smiles as Adam pulls into the driveway*
Adam: *parks the car and kisses her hand* Come on.
They walk into the house. He hugs her from behind, kisses her ear, and puts his hands on her stomach.
Adam: I hope theyre just like you, beautiful and sweet and amazing..
Alli: *smiles* I hope they have their daddy’s eyes and his sweetness.
Adam: *kisses her cheek* I wish I could marry you right now..
Alli: I still need to go dress-shopping baby!
Adam: Well, when are you gonna?
Alli: I was gonna take my mom, Jacky, Lil, and Megan. So whenever they’re all available.
Adam: Call ’em. I wanna try to put this wedding together soon! I wanna say This is my wife, Allison Lambert..
Alli: *giggles and kisses him* Ok baby. *takes out her phone and calls everyone while Adam warms up some spaghetti for them*
Alli: *comes in the kitchen* Guess what? They can come to the dress shop tomorrow afternoon!!


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