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David Marskell: My Generation exhibit

Kitchener, ON — Only weeks after closing the highly successful Andy Warhol’s Factory 2009, The Children’s Museum of Waterloo Region has come back with another hit for the entire family.

Curated by award winning Virginia Eichhorn of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Talkin’ Bout My Generation | Youth Revolution and Music Change the World is collection of rock and roll memorabilia and youth culture from the 1960s put into the context of youth culture in present day. The exhibit, which is meant to spark debate between youth cultures of the 60s and that of today, deals with specific issues that made the 1960s the politically charged and created social unrest.

Specifically, the exhibit features a collection of rock and roll posters from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum dated between 1965 and 1969; fashion items from the local Fashion History Museum; albums and other 60s memorabilia from a variety of sources. To set the atmosphere, film describing 1960s life and culture and intertwined and original voice recordings describing 60s experiences reflect the vintage. Opposite these items are collections of modern posters, contemporary film via YouTube and voices of today describing their own experiences and feelings on certain social issues.

“Overall the exhibit is an exploration of two generations that probably have more in common than they think,” said David Marskell, the Museum’s CEO. “It’s a pleasure to see people of each vintage come in and explore both sides of the exhibit and while they may relate to one, they are enlightened by the other.”

Ultimately the 1960s ended with Woodstock — and this summer marks the 40th anniversary of this historical concert. Talkin’ Bout My Generation will be on display at The Children’s Museum until Labour Day.


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