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DIY | Dye Gray Hair Black Naturally – Henna + Indigo Step By Step

** Henna + Indigo is a PERMANENT natural dye** A detailed, step by step tutorial on how to dye grey hair black naturally using henna and indigo! It’s a simple two step process, using a natural homemade dye recipe that includes coffee! It’s a great way to ditch the chemicals and opt for a natural alternative that not only colors your natural hair safely, covering the gray hair, but strengthens it as well! I hope it helps!
Xo! Nap

**Henna acts like a PROTEIN treatment**

Henna http://www.hennasooq.com/fresh-jamila-henna-powder-2015/
Indigo http://www.hennasooq.com/color/black-tones/

—– Powder Measurements —–
Gray Spot Treating: 1/8 – 1/4 Cup
Above Ear Length: 1/4 Cup +
Shoulder Length: 1/2 Cup
Bra Strap/Mid Back: 2/3 Cup
Lower Back: 1 Cup
Hip/Waist Length: 1.5 Cups

—– How To Achieve Your Color —–
Reddish Brown: 70% Henna + 30% Indigo [MIX] Brown: 50% Henna + 50% Indigo [MIX] Dark Chocolate Brown: 30% Henna + 70% Indigo [MIX] Black: 100% Henna [1ST STEP] + 100% Indigo [2ND STEP]

**Store Henna Powder + Indigo Powder in fridge or freezer

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