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DIY Hair Bows!

Well hello my lovelies!
How’s the last couple of days of your October? Are you excited for Halloween tomorrow? Well, I didn’t do any Halloween themed videos this year, however there should be some next year! So my friend and I decided to make hair bows for our hair! It’s very simple, fast and affordable! If you have any video suggestions, PLEASE********* Tell me in the comments below! I love hearing your Feed back!
To the moon and back,
(02/20/16: Hey! To the ‘friends’ who found my youtube account and are watching my videos and mocking me: Yeah so this video is a little weird, but when I filmed this I was 12 and when I uploaded it I was 13 for a week… My voice over is so awkward and the angles are annoying. But I made this video with my best friend and it’s a great memory. And let me tell you, I am far from crafty. But this was the first video I figured out how to do voice overs. Thats pretty cool. And It took me like a month to convince my parents to let me post this video. Because they were concerned with me showing my face online. Ive come a long way since this video. So yeah you can make fun of me for this video then, but not now.)


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