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DIY: Perfect Victoria’s Secret Beach Waves.

A Quick DIY tutorial of how you can achieve the Perfect Soft Victoria’s Secret like beach Waves / curls you see on TV and in Magazines with medium length hair. There are many tutorials on this but done on long hair. I wanted to show one doing it on med to shirt hair! It is a little different because you have to start just slightly higher than on long hair. Yet still trying to maintain a very relaxed effortless look. WIth a loose low starting wave. What’s also a little different is that I use a flat iron instead of a curling iron. I use the nano titanium iron. WHich perfect for this because of its small plates and soft edges makes ribboning a curl simple and easy. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe for more fun amazing things!

The Babyliss Flat Iron i’m using from Amazon:

Redken 23 Hairspray (my favorite) from Amazon:

The Nailpolish i’m wearing from Sephora:

the Michael Kors watch i’m wearing from Macys (a never model)

the Top i’m wearing from H&M:

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