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Double Fishtail Stitched Braid Hairstyle

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Today our video tutorial is a variation of a hairstyle we posted last year called the “rope stitched fishtail braid.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4RTbZS7gLA The Princess wears our rope stitched braid to school quite often. We decided to try this hairstyle recently using a micro fishtail braid instead of a rope braid and actually ended up loving it even more than the original, so of course we wanted to share it with you.

This braid has a trendy bohemian feel to it, and you’ve probably noticed how popular fishtail braids (of all kinds) are right now, demonstrated in a big way at Coachella!

If you prefer more of a disheveled or effortless looking braid, you can deconstruct the edges of the larger fishtail as much (or as little) as you want to achieve the perfect state of “messiness.”
However messy or sleek looking you decide to make this braid, we just love the unique look of the small fishtail braid weaving in and out of the larger fishtail, sort of like a “peek-a-boo braid” effect.

As you can see, we chose to create this braid in a ponytail for our tutorial. I was planning on making a side braid, but it ended up looking kind of awkward on our “plastic patty” since she doesn’t have shoulders for the braid to rest on hahaha! For a more “grown up” look, you can make a low side braid or center braid without using an elastic at the top instead if you prefer it over a ponytail.

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