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Flower HENNA DESIGN TUTORIAL That You Can Do Under 20 Minute

LEARN HENNA DESIGN TUTORIAL that are easy and less time consuming.
God’s most beautiful creation is a woman. In order to make her look even more appealing, He created an amazing plant which could intensify her natural charm. Henna is that precious plant which is used widely today to magnify a woman’s grace and delicacy.

Henna designs are also known as Mehndi patterns. They are particularly popular among Indian women, although people of other nationalities have incorporated these beautiful designs into their heritage as well. There are various shapes and sizes of Henna floral patterns. Usually women prefer the feminine flower designs, as they look delicate and enhance the beauty of the hands and the feet.

You need a steady hand to apply an intricate floral mehndi design perfectly. In the olden days, henna was applied with a matchstick. In the present era we can buy Mehendi cones. By just snipping off a tiny bit at the point of the cone, we can begin to create a fine design on the hands and the feet. Simple flower henna designs look extremely delicate on women’s hands!
Flower henna designs have a distinct meaning and a charm of their own. These floral patterns are used during weddings, and are drawn on the bride’s hands and feet. Including flora in a design symbolizes fertility. Small flower buds indicate the start of a new life filled with love and prosperity. Applying Mehendi to a bride to be on her hands and feet is said to bring her good luck after wedlock.

The lotus flower expresses grace, beauty, femininity and purity. How to do henna? This question is quite common among many mehndi lovers or even beginners who want to try their hands on some spectacular designs that this art offers to all women. Floral patterns have been in the market since ages and have always been the favorite design for many. The pretty designs of flowers are quite easy to try out. As the old saying goes “variety is the spice of life”, henna floral patterns are generous in gifting women with a wide range of designs.

Flowers always bring in festivity and joy. Marriages or festivals, flowers have always been an integral part of our lives. A Flower design can be either very simple or very intricate. This art has a huge variety to suit everyone’s taste. There a quite a few henna tattoo tutorials to train you in different floral patterns that will leave you asking for more. Pakistani and Arabic brides love to decorate their hands and feet with breathtaking floral designs. Adding glitter, stones or shimmer can make the hands look stunning! 

Different styles make up the art of beautiful henna designs, like the Arabic style, the Indian style and the Pakistani style. By far, many people believe that the practice of applying mehndi is freehand. The easiest and the most beautiful designs can be acquired with flowers. Henna flowers are very commonly used in the tattoo industry. People embed names of their loved ones, within the patterns of the flowers to express their love for each other. On the whole, mehndi art is never complete without floral designs. A single henna design like the flower pattern can have various styles of application. For example, the Indian mehndi would draw the flower differently when compared to the Arabic mehndi.

Henna art, definitely speaks a language of its own. This art, which uses flowers, symbolizes the beauty of a woman and symbolizes eternal happiness. The drawing of leaves on the palm depicts devotion and is perfect for religious occasions and marriages. How to do henna is no more a worry. The effortless henna flowers design can be attempted by one and all.

For all you mehndi lovers out there, who want to express love and affection to your near and dear ones, please go ahead and try out this henna flower design tutorial! What are you waiting for? Take a plunge into the world of henna art and refresh your senses! 

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