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From Blonde to Brunette: Back to Natural Hair Color!

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From Blonde to Brunette: How To Dye Your Hair Back to It’s Natural Color! My hair was bleach blonde, which meant it needed two colors.
1. Dark Auburn Dye One Box
2. Dark Brown Dye One Box
I put them each on for 20 minutes, then washed it out.

The Key Reason To Stop Dying My Hair With Toxins: Neurons of the cerebral cortex, the first layer of the skull do not regenerate. Most all of the other cells in our body dies and is reborn new daily. Free radicals from toxins damage cells.

I cannot remember what my natural hair color looks like. It has been over half my life that I have been dying it blonde. But, the toxins from the hair dye are in conflict to my beliefs in extreme health. I have been on the raw food diet for 6 years and the desire to take care of my hair and cells has become the point of this big change for me!
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