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NIC AND CALIFORNIA TEST: Step-by-step explanation about your table set-up, holding your razor and scissors, sectioning options, connecting the guidelines and state board haircut requirements and points. First set up the tabl: all the haircutting implements that need to be sanitized can go on the SMA (sanitary maintenance area), the water bottle can go on the towel. Section the hair into 5 section leaving the innitial guideline. Cut the nape area with the razor (the guard faceing the cosmetologist). Make sure the hair is evenly moist throughout the haircut. Razor-cut the innitial guideline and follow it through the haircut of the hape area. Scissor cut the top portion of the back section, the top and the sides of the head. Cross check your hairut. Leave your haircutting implements on your SMA to be placed in the Soiled Implement Container after the haircut. Do not sweap the hair off the floor until instructed by the State Board Examiner; the examiner will check your hairut before you clean up. Learn how to cut hair for state board, how to palm you razor and scissors, and follow the step-by-step class by M. Lahham, video by BeautyHealthTravel Channel; for cosmetologists, barbers, beauty school students to pass the state board exam for the new NIC. This video is not for advanced haircutting; it is a class to pass the state board practicaql haircutting exam and get cosmetology license, and barbering liense.


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