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How to: Clip in Hair Extensions Tutorial – Mixed Color Package

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Today’s hair tutorial:

How to: Clip in Hair Extensions Tutorial – Mixed Color Package

For this How to: Clip in Hair Extensions Tutorial, we used clip in hair extensions from the Estelles Secret 22″ set in the shade Abigail Brown 4+8. It comes in 12 pieces, 260g of hair and is easy to apply. This 22inch set is suitable for normal to super thick hair. If your hair is of fine or thin quality, we recommend getting the 16inch package instead.

The color Abigail Brown 4+8 is a warm brown mixture of the colors Chocolate Brown and Light Brown, creating a perfect sun-kissed brown shade! Don’t forget to check out our other mixed color packages on our website. All colors are available in all three sets.

We recommend choosing a mixed color package close to your own hair color or a set that has one of the shades matching your own hair color. You can apply the two different shades that come in the package anyway you’d like and that you find suitable for your hair color. In this hair tutorial, we applied two light wefts in the middle and ended up with one dark weft at the top. Make sure to experiment with your mixed clip in hair extensions set until you find your own favorite way of applying the hair.

We ended up using 8 clip-ins pieces to achieve this look. If you like to add more volume, go ahead and apply more clip-ins to your hair. Don’t forget to brush and straighten (if needed) your clip in hair extension as you go. This helps you to better blend the hair extensions with your own hair for a more natural looking result. 

If you’re still unsure of which shade to get, get Color Matching Help by sending us an email with a picture of your hair to: [email protected]

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