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how to cut -Black hair on top-blonde hair underneath hairstyle!

it is very very basic for someone who Does Not know anything and want to have fun to do this. the blonde on black hair needed 5- 10 hours to be LIGHT BLONDE and would be DAMAGED, so i have recommended my cousin to get it dark blonde For me to make this movie. i showed THE TWO HAIR COLORS LAYERS- MORE FOR CUTTING techniques, not how to lighten the hair. so you only see the dark blonde hair. the BlONDE COLOR LAYER is depended on your blonde.

The first photos of the movies were the results but much better to see as i took them with good lights. the movie was a little bit to dark to see properly, need to buy a good quality camera

NOT HOW TO LIGHTEN DARK HAIR TO BLONDE HAIR created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)


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