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How to cut long hair square layer Hair cut ( video part 2)

In this square layer hair cut part -2 we will show u how to do cut side partition .we take slanting section and these slanting section should be cut at 90 degree .In this video we show you how to do blow dryer in square layer hair cut. Blow dryer is the soul of every hair cut .With blow dry we can increase the grace of hair cut and present the actual look of every cut. That’s why we should very careful while doing blow dryer .Roller brush & e equipment.
In blow dryer we do blow dryer according to the sections we take in hair cut. We repeat all the sections from nape to ear to ear sections through blow dryer. (nape section ,box section,(horizontal)ear to ear section(slanting)).For your comfort we present each & every step of blow dryer through the video. For remembering you the steps of first video we will repeat the steps orally just as:
Before doing hair cut hair should be wet & tangle free (well combed)
First doing centre party & ear to ear section after this put clip all the sections .
Then take nape section & cut it at 0 degree.
After this take box section horizontally & cut it at 180 degree.
After this take ear section slanting & cut it at 90 degree.
For more details please watch the video carefully.
For more details & Discription please watch the video at :


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