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How To: Medium Weave Hair Color | Weave Hair Styles

How To: Medium Weave Hair Color | Weave Hair Styles
Karli is starting junior high and wanted to change up her hair a little. For this first time color, RaDona chose to color only a Mohawk section to allow for a gradual adjustment to the change. She used a 40 volume bleach (blue bleach) to create a brighter blonde. If you are new to hair doing hair, you may want to use 20 or 30 volume because it doesn’t process as fast. The lower the number, the less levels it lifts.
So a higher number will process faster and lift more levels leaving the hair a lighter color more quickly.
RaDona did a medium weave and used 9 foils. Learn more today by visiting our website below.
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Learn more about: Weave Hair Styles
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How To: Medium Weave Hair Color | Weave Hair Styles
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