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How To: Silver Hair Tutorial! | by tashaleelyn

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Disclaimer: Bleach should only be left on your hair for a MAXIMUM of 45 minutes. Judge accordingly, check with a professional if you are unaware of your hair type and how it will affect your hair. Also, because my ends had been PREVIOUSLY bleached, I should have applied to my roots first as they needed a lot more work to be lightened. Thanks guys and good luck!

Thanks to my friends in Pentimento for providing the music!
Bridge – Pentimento
Circles – Pentimento

November 19, 2013 – Just an update!! I’ve toned my hair permanently to silver, by using silver shampoo every day! Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! If you are looking for ways to get silver permanently please read below! So many good comments and suggestions below!! Titanium by Ion Brilliance is too much of a blue-ish hue for my liking, but definitely worth checking out.

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