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Husband Knows Best {Part 4} (One-Shot for HangInThereBabyx).wmv

“Baby girl,” Nick whispered. “I’m so, so-”

She cut off his statement by pressing her lips passionately to his. In his state, it took him a second to get over his initial shock; then his lips were moving with hers. He welcomed her hands as they struggled with the bottom of his tank top. They broke the kiss for only a second, allowing her to toss the unnecessary garment to the floor before reconnecting their lips.

Her heart was pounding in her ears as she felt herself being lifted into his arms. She ran her fingers through his curly hair and tugged just enough. He moaned helplessly into the kiss as he fell on top of her onto the plush mattress. He did all the work, getting them to the middle and throwing pillows out of their way. He pulled away when it was just them with nothing covering either body. His sweet breath washed over her face, his hair falling adorably into his eyes.

“Y-You want me?” he breathed.

“No,” Taylor whispered, reaching down to wrap her hand around his large member. “I need you. There’s a big difference.”

With one quick stroke, she had him where he needed to be. He kissed her one last time as she let go, and plunged deep inside of her.

It was better than either remembered. The sensations, the love, the shocks, and the tingles; the longer they went, the deeper Nick pushed. They went farther than his first climax and hers, both needing more of each other to sufficient their vast need. Nick had been craving her for so long, being where the two fit best was almost overwhelming.

“Nick,” Taylor moaned as the sky outside darkened completely. The soft glow of the dimmed lights gave her a view of his face. His hair stuck to his forehead with perspiration. Every surface gleamed with sweat, but his eyes were still wide and hungry for her. He nipped at her neck, and that sent her over the edge one last time, bringing him with her.

He pulled out of her before collapsing on the sheets. They stared at the ceiling, breaths puffing out as they tried to regain equal breathing and a normal heart rate. “You know,” Nick huffed out after a few minutes of peaceful silence. “Sex is supposed to a great work out.”

Taylor giggled, rolling into his side so that she could snuggle into him. Her head rested on his chest as his arm wrapped tightly around her. “You don’t say.”

“Honestly. There’s no telling how many calories we just burned.”

“Well then, maybe I should add that to my work out schedule.” Nick grinned, leaning down to kiss her. She felt it leading once again to making love, so she pushed him away. He pouted. “I know it’s been a long time. And we can again, later. But right now, I’m really hungry.”

A smile replaced his pout as he straightened up in bed. “How does pasta sound,” he asked.

“It sounds like a date.” And she kissed him one more time.

I hope you all enjoyed this one-shot. I can really say it was one of my favorites to write because it hits on some very real topics, unlike some others I’ve written that were meant to just get right to the spanking. This and ‘Beautiful’ are my favorites :)


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