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Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights (Subliminal)

Get Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights!

I do not own any of the images or music used in this video. All rights belong to their owners.

Music: Song- Smooth Underground Hip-Hop Rap (Beat Instrumental) – Japanese Anime Sample

Use at least once a day for a month in order to see results. Results may vary. Headphones or Earphones are recommended but aren’t required.

I do not own any of the music or images used in this video and all rights belong to their respective owners.

I’d also recommend imagining or visualizing your desired outcome as if it has already happened. Do this as often as possible.

If you want to work on more than one subliminal at a time you can download them as mp3s and then edit them in an audio editing program to where they all play at the same time. This allows you to save more time.

Listening to subliminals while sleeping, meditating, or while in a relaxed state helps program the subconscious mind faster.

I have light brown hair with blonde highlights
You have light brown hair with blonde highlights
I have healthy hair
You have healthy hair
My hair is silky
Your hair is silky
My is shiny
Your hair is shiny
Everyone compliments me on my hair
Everyone compliments you on your hair
My hair is beautiful
Your hair is beautiful
My hair is pretty
Your hair is pretty
My hair is sexy
Your hair is sexy
My hair is attractive
Your hair is attractive
My hair is mesmerizing
Your hair is mesmerizing
My hair is visually appealing
Your hair is visually appealing
Everyone loves my hair
Everyone loves your hair
My hair is alluring
Your hair is alluring
My hair is perfect
Your hair is perfect
I have amazing hair
You have amazing hair
I have astonishing hair
You have astonishing hair
I have astounding hair
You have astounding hair
I have stunning hair
You have stunning hair
I have remarkable hair
You have remarkable hair
I have spectacular hair
You have spectacular hair
I have phenomenal hair
You have phenomenal hair
I have extraordinary hair
You have extraordinary hair
I have incredible hair
You have incredible hair
I have mind blowing hair
You have mind blowing hair
I have jaw dropping hair
You have jaw dropping hair


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