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Long & Luscious Curls: (feat. Conair Infinity Wand)

Hello all! Thank you for watching :)
I know this isn’t a creative tutorial, nor is it anything new, but it was requested so I did it!

Products Used:
Wide Tooth Comb (Sally’s)
Treseme Heat Tamer Spray (Any drugstore)
Conair Infinity Wand (CVS, Walmart, Target, etc.)
Aussie Sprunch Hairspray (Any drugstore)

What I’m Wearing:
Makeup durring tutorial- Video will be up soon!
Top during tutorial- Forever21
Top in intro- Wildfox
Nails- Red&Green with white polka dots!

FTC: I purchased everything! Nothing was given to me for free & this video is not sponsored :)

Camcorder is: Sony HD HandyCam HDR-CX110

If you’re a company wishing to send me products to review please contact me at my work email at [email protected]

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