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Mick Flew : Please ft. GTudda [with lyrics]

Mick Flew & GTudda perform “Please”

Verse 1 (Mick Flew) :

Listen here love…. Arcade part game tell ya heart to make room for me.
Inside of ya secrets, prefix on ya 3 lips… plus 1.
Is it love or is it just fun? Choose wise, later you could be a new bride, Room sized.
We around make the day fast – looking like ya sweet baby girl let me taste test.
Can’t flex – So I tell it stretch, I mean straight..
Feeling like It’s meant to be, I mean fate..
I’m thinking home run, can I get that plate? Boo you look a lil blue, can I fix that face?
Baby you should come close, my kiss ain’t fake…
My hug ain’t fuss and my love ain’t budge – #RealTalk
You’d be the first to know if it ever feel false.
No stress from the deck – Couldn’t deal a loss… Is it still wrong?
Spare a night and I could make it right.
Tell you things that’ll give you life. Selling dreams with a bigger price.
This is different cause the dreams equipped with a reality.
She lick her lips and she smile at me – I’ll be the reason why you out of reach.
Out with me on a cloud of think – Home Thought –
Outside of you boo I don’t know nothing…
You see ya heart I’m tryin borrow, let me hold something….
Slow loving, lovely .. Seasons I rejoice.
& then I ask you how you want it – Like you even got a choice.
I control, how you know me – Give a study I’ll resolve.
In to win it is the cause – Always and all – Darling, I just want to please.

(Hook) :

I just want to please . I just want to please . I just want to please . [4x]

2nd Verse (GTudda) :

I aim to please… That’s all that I wanna do.
My all year round girl – Not just the summer boo…
She be comin’ through – Sex me with 100 moves. Got me higher than the sun or moon.
She the only 1 I’m running to – So imma please her and make her feel wonderful.
It would be a bummer true – If my life didn’t add to the sum of you.
Because our sex is like a new movie : She got me cuming soon.
When I’m drained, she tends to leak out her plumber tool.
She love the bass in my voice when I beat it like a drummer do.
But I wonder boo – That did you know that when I’m under you –
Ya moaning wakes up the neighbors cause you louder than the thunder do.
I love it when she leave the sheet soaked…
& she love the deep stroke, she said it seem so –
Unbelievable the way I make her cum fast like I got sex cheat codes… I’m a fr69k tho.
But you got me love drunk, no there’s no keg –
We cookin’ breakfast – French Toast & Eggs…
I don’t need a beverage for this meal, If I get thirsty shortie – Open your legs…
So you know I need you around –
She don’t want no other man, she don’t speak to them clowns.
She know I’m the king – She gave me the crown…
She’s all I need and so she see why I’m down –
Only for her – But now I’m trynna move forward…
Drop my knee to the ground, even though the floor hurts –
I got a proposition, stop ya wishing…
Imma be the man to put that ring on ya finger so you could watch the rock just glistin’
We could live the good life, like champagne on planes.
Wine & Dine’s the campaign we claim, all I’m sayin’ is…

Hook 2x

Track Featured On : Wine & Dine

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