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My Life Would Suck Without You~!~[[Chapter 27 “Like what you see??”]]

I had a GREAT time with my AMAZING friends last night 😉
And I got the Twilight 3 DISK SPECIAL EDITION!! WOO!!

~!~Alys POV~!~
Maddy,, Jackie and I went to get changed when the boys left. I put on my VS pink bikini with the little Victorias Secret insignia on it. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and examined myself in the floor lenght mirror in the bathroom. I looked down for about 2 seconds and felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me.

“Hello sexy.” The husky voice whispered in my ear biting my earlobe. I wrapped my arms backwards around [who I thought was Nicks] Neck. I felt his hair.
It wasnt the soft curly hair I was used to.
It was short,, soft and straight.
I looked up into the mirror to see a shirtless Joe Jonas nibbling on my Neck.

“JOE!!!!” I screamed. He looked up and his eyes widened.

“OH MY GOD ALY IN SO SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WERE JACKIE!!!!!!!” He jumped backwards. I turned around to stare at his toned body. Jackie was lucky. I bit my lip.

“Like what you see??” He said. I nodded.

“Go find your girlfriend!!!” I yelled. He left and went to go find Jackie.

I bit my lip when I realized how much I liked that. Too bad I thought it was Nick.
too bad I felt his hair and realized it WASNT Nick and pulled away.
I sighed,, this was just too confusing for right now.
I got myself together and walked outside. Everyone and a few people were already there. Nick,, Joe and Kevin set up all this cool stuff for us. Kevin was standing at the grill in his board shorts and a chefs hat. He was wearing one of those “Kiss the Cook” aprons. Hes so cute.

“Hey Kevin!!” I walked over and kissed his cheek.

“What was that for??” He asked smiling.

“Just following what the apron says!” I said and ran. I could hear his muffled laughter.

I kept running when a set of arms wrapped around my waist and jumped into the pool. I yelled when I cam up from under the water and saw Nick standing there laughing and smiling.
“Niiccckkk!” I whinned and stomped my feet

He laughed and grabbed my waist, pulling me closer, “You look” Nick paused and looked at my body,”amazing”

I smiled and layed my head on his chest, “you too”

Soon more people started coming and jumping in the pool. People were diving and playing chicken. It was really cool. That was until I saw a familier face.
Her red hair and snobby look was smething I could never forget’


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