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NEW CHANNEL + Candy Cane Challenge | Brooklyn & Bailey

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We’ve waited for so long to share this exciting news with you! For the past six months, we’ve been working on a new channel that we are launching today! It is YouTube’s first twin collab channel called Squared!

We searched YouTube for as many twin sets as we could find, and then finalized the list down to these 7 sets of twins from all over the world!

Each set of twins will take one day a week to post a video for you, and Brooklyn and I will make appearances as well and we have some special guests in store, too!

These twins have such fun personalities and so many talents,… including professional gymnasts, musicians, beauty, DIY, and sketch comedy. Head on over to Squared (link above) and see what we have to offer! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE while you are there!

Today’s video is the Candy Cane Challenge, and we invited Kamri and Rylan to join us. The object to the challenge is the same as the Hamburger Challenge we uploaded a few months back. We bought as many different flavors of candy canes that we could find, and our parents gave them to us while we were blindfolded. We had 5 seconds to taste them, and 5 seconds to write down what we thought it tasted like. Then we tallied up the points to crown our winner!

Any ideas who won the challenge? Keep in mind, Kamri has won most all of them so far!

Thanks for watching and be sure to give this video a BIG “👍🏻”, and please leave a comment below telling us if you will be subscribing to Squared!

😘’s -Bailey

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