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no matter what a diggy simmons love story chapter 16 pt.1

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it was like this for almost a month and we have been broke up for two months . crying in the middle of class. even in the classes with diggy and jinsu. i couldnt take the heart break. i had to get over him and stop all the crying. even if i wanted to be his agian. my trian of thoughts were cut off by my ot shower water turning cold. i guess that was a sign that i needed to get ready for school now. (i brush my teeth while i shower) even though the water was cold i still needed to rinse the shampoo.

after i finished getting dressed in a tight fitted red v-neck- i had clevage showing too- i slipped on my skinny jeans with the desinged ripped patches. i looked through my sock bag to find my colorful socks with polkadots. after i found them i slipped on my elmo house shoes. i grabbed my white girl brush(what my step sis calls it) and bent forward with my hair swing down and, brushed my hair through. after i was done combing it out i held my hair in a tight ponytail and used my teeth to slip my scrunchie off my wrist and tied mmy hair up. i stood up staight and used another scrunchie to wrap it into a bun. yes it takes alot of work. i let out a deep breath and let my tierd arms drop to my sides. i walked into my bathroom and went though my hair bucket (hair assessories and products) to find my black and my red haedbands and slipped them onto my head and grabbed my nike back pack and phone. i walked down stairs to see my mom wasnt home-agian. i bet she was still with that creeper boyfriend of hers. i looked at my phone to see a picture of my little brother flashing across the screen. i answered it with a grin on my face. “hey booba!” “hey, ana! what are you doing?” “im on my way to school little bro what about you?” “im doin nuffing im pwaying wif my big suster bre!” i frowned. i hope this little boy isnt trying to replace me. “oh, well i love you, i have to go.” “okay, wuv you too! byeee.” he hung up. i smiled. that little just puts a smile on my face. i grabbed my school ID and was walking to school. i shook my bag off and grabbed my earphones and plugged it into my phone. i put my bag back on and went to my play list. i was singing along to ‘she aint you’ by chris brown while dancing with my shoulders and snapping my fingers.

i opend my eyes after noticing they were closed. i looked to see a dude walking backwards watching me with a smile on his face. i tokk my earphones out embaressed. he started clapping. he stopped walking for me to catch up. “you know, i can sing too.” i smirked. heyyy! he was fine! better than jinsu. i rose an eyebrow. “sing to me.” he cocked his head to the side. “kevin.”(http://noonooonline.ning.com/profile/KevinChegue) (the pic at the bottem with him in the red)”teona, or tae. now sing to me.” i crossed my arms and looked ahead at my school at the end of the next block. he stood next to me and grabbed my hand and kissed it. “more than welcome ma'” i blushed and looked away and back. “what do you want me to sing tae?” i thought for a moment. “do you know all back by chris brown?” “yep.” he smiled and stopped and stood infront of me. and sang. (skip to 1:33) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfLGi1pQFnE)”..i want it allll backkk..” i stood there an awe. i was stunned im mean-wow.


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