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Pink Fairy [MS PAINT] *-Speedpant-*

This took longer to render then the drawing itself ._.
four fucking hours!!
ok i’m done..

Well yes I have .. I have lost my mind…I spent I think 2 to 3 hours on this drawing.. Althought that doesn’t SEEM long but but yeah it felt it @[email protected] since I was using ms paint.. No layers! God I missed them =w=..
SO yeah a FAIRY 8D I had fun drawing this even thought I thought I was gonna rip my hair out derp..
I hope you like i tried to make it look magical and shit..
Did I do well?..
Let me know
bye for now
Pinki x
(yes I know the tags have nothing to do with the video shut up XD)
Julia Savicheva – Esli v serdce
Snow patrol – Chasing cars instrumental
Changin my life – Eternal snow
LINK: http://xxtracesofdreamxx.deviantart.com/#/d45sca3

lame tite is lame..


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