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Quick Hair Extensions Tutorial; Blonde Bottom.

Hi again..
So I thought I would do another hair extensions tutorial. I wanted to show you, that you can change the bottom colour of your hair using extensions. The most important thing would be, remember to pin up the bottom layer of your own hair..
You can do this look with any colours you might like. But I like the brown/blonde look :)

BTW. A lot of people are complaining that I’m not scene.. But wtf? When have I ever said that I was scene, or did scene hair?? I just put tags on, that gives views.. ^^,,
So.. If you’re going to be a negative about that.. Just don’t.. Just click on another video, go back, just go away :)

How long are your extensions: Brown ones; 60 cm/23 inches, Blonde ones; 55 cm/21 inches.
Where did you get your extensions: On a danish webstore, which is why I haven’t shared the link, since unless you’re danish, there’s not much fun buying from there.. So just try search around, and hopefully you’ll find a good webstore :)
Why haven’t you layered your extensions: You can so many different hairstyles with non layered extensions, that you can’t do with layered ones. But yeah, I do have extensions that are layered now.
Where did you get that hairbow?: H&M


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