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Response to Jah Keeb

you always trying to impress if you really wanna check my man hood then lets both undress
no homo but i need you to witness that i am better than you ever thought could exist
and with that i’m gonna put you to the test, no questions will be asked i will surpass you it’s for me time to take a rest
yea bitch i can’t help that i’m the best, and when it really comes down to it there is no contest
your rhymes are whack you need to work on breathin finally showed your face and i can see that your hairline’s receding
yea man i’ll give you one more reason to put that gun to your temple and get to squeezin you better
get on your fucking knees and start begging that that i get a change of heart instead i load the chamber
when it cocks be ready smearing blood stains the cost is deadly maybe you’ll survive to learn your lesson
or you’ll ride in the hearse right next to your friend that tried to help ya by flexin yeah


and after that first verse was over, you hoped that i would let you go instead i will prolong the
torture that i’m causing you now you realize i’m stronger and even you like the words that i put i my song i
know that it makes ya play with your dick but it ain’t gonna get any longer i can’t help that my words are so good
that they give you a boner i’m gonna go ahead and let the world know in this song that
i ripped off you’re man hood and i shoved it in your ass crack i told you that i’m to good you need to take a step back
you must have misunderstood when you came at me with your track thought you had stood a chance
but you didn’t expect the comeback bitch i’ll take off my pants make you my little cum sack
i’m a double bladed sword you compare as a thumbtack try to put hatred with your words but they will never attack
step to me i dare ya man i’ll reach out to my gun rack pull out this bazooka shoot ya then steam roll you so flat
you’re lookin like a pancake so i’ll use you as my door mat, i’m walking all over you like i can’t sit and relax
talking all over you now i’m causing you to relapse chalking off your body cause my words made your heart collapse


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