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Ribbon Braid Headband and Clover Bow, St. Patrick’s Hairstyle

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This week we wanted to put together a quick St. Patrick’s Day hairstyle idea, since St. Patrick’s is right around the corner. 😉

Of course, this hairstyle can be used for other occasions as well. The green ribbon can be switched out for any color you want. And, instead of forming a clover or shamrock with the ribbon, you could make a regular bow instead.

If you want to create the headband using a French braiding technique, you can add in hair from the bangs area while you are braiding. Also, if the 4 strand braid is too difficult or time consuming for your liking, you can actually make this style using just a regular 3 strand braid with the ribbon replacing one strand.

Click here to see our St. Patrick’s Day hairstyles playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWlK4cksjVMmlsDMZWx0SHt4SwqVxXu6g Including a shamrock hairstyle, a rainbow bun and rainbow ponytail, as well as several hairstyles using green ribbon.

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