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Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2013 2014

Do you want to know which celebrity is having which haircut? Want to get the same haircut? Want to look and feel like a celebrity? Want to get the updates about the celebrity hairstyles? Want to know that they have adopted which haircut from 2013-2014 If yes then you are at the right place. Here are few celebrities and their latest haircuts which they have adopted to stay in trend.
1. Victoria Bechkham is already having an appealing personality. But her asymmetrical haircut is making her look sexier.
2. Lauren Cohen is having side bangs on her straight hair. And she is looking cute and appealing.

3. Reese Witherspoon recently has a haircut and now she awes bangs. She is looking quite pretty in her bangs and short hair as you can see.
4. Ashley Simpson had a bob haircut with small side bangs as you can see. And she is looking very cute in her short hairs.
5. Anne Hathaway looks damn hot in her short pixie haircut with side bangs. Her hairstyle is the hottest trend in town.
6. Michelle Dockery is looking too hot in her new short hair look. Wherever she has gone she has grabbed the eyes of the whole crowd.
7. Sarah Harding is the face of the year 2013. She awes a short pixie haircut with side bangs and is looking sexy.
8. Kellie Pickler is having a short bob haircut and is looking extraordinarily beautiful. In this haircut she is looking cute and trendy.
9. Curly: many celebrities have curly hair and when they have a short haircut, they look more glamorous.
10. Emma Watson recently has a pixie haircut and she is looking sexy. The small Hermione has grown up and you can see this is this picture.
11. Jessica Stroup has a bob haircut and she is looking beautiful in it.
12. Freja Beha Erichsen looks tremenable in her short haircut. Her short hairs are so appealing that soon she will make the hottest celebrity in town.
13. Milla Jovovich truly depicts the short wavy hair. She has maintained her short wavy hair glamorously and has become the hot favorite of many fans.
14. Miley Cyrus recently has a short pixie haircut with long side bangs. The blonde hairstyle has suited her and she looks extremely sexy in it.
15. Sarah Harding is becoming the face of 2013. She has an asymmetrical haircut after which her blonde hairs are looking beautiful.
16. Elisha Cuthbert is depicting a very cute look. She awes very short hair and this haircut have suited her as you can see.
17. Chelsea Kane has cute short hair nowadays. She has a long bob haircut and looks cute in it.
18. Rihanna has pure black hair and pixie haircut with side bangs look adorable on her as you can see.
19. Jessica Alba is awing a very cute look since she got a short haircut with the side bangs.
20. Morena Baccarine is the hottest celebrity in the town. And the credit goes to her short layered haircut.


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