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2014 Hair Color Trends for Short Hair


Short hairs are in trend, so everyone is opting short hair styles. Due to this short hairstyles are becoming common and the dreams of girls to look unique is getting destroyed. There are very few short hairstyles in trend so the chance to get a unique look are very rare. …

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35 Short Hair Color Trends 2013 — 2014


Aside from some qualities such as the texture, volume, and length of the hair, there is another factor which makes for a striking and charming hairstyle—and this factor refers to the hues and colors we usually add to our hair to make it more attractive and lovely. Physical beauty is …

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Colors for Short Hairstyles


What do you do when you want to do something different to your hair that will help you stand out of the crowd? Well, you can try a new haircut or a new colour that will simply change your entire appearance. Even so, you should not try one of these …

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Hair Colors Trends 2013 2014


Colors make the world exciting and very beautiful to behold. In the same way, colors can greatly spark a new appeal in your look, and your look can radically change with a simple tweak in the color of your hair. There are hundreds of colors you can choose from to …

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