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Natural Hairstyles For Black Women


Natural Hairstyles For Black Women : Loving my Natural Hair Journey. I love the fact that there are countless natural hairstyles to try and I am determined to try as many as possible :). Subscribe to my channel for awesome videos uploaded weekly : https://www.youtube.com/user/longnaturalhair17/featured Like my FB Page : …

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Natural Hairstyles For Black Women | Curly Twist-Out On Wet Hair | Afro-Textured


For Hair Care Info. https://www.black-hair-report.com My Hair Care Blog: https://blog.black-hair-report.com _________________________________ Hi subbies and friends, I am sharing my wash day. On this day, I actually used shampoo. I was surprised how easy the entire process went. I completely skipped dry-detangling-however, my hair was already pretty stretched and tangle-free. Raw …

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Natural Hairstyles / Big Ponytail with Twist feat. Black Studded Headband Tutorial


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