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The Psychomachia of Schitzophrenic Ducks (Avant-Garde/Experimental)

This was an Iron Chef video between myself, Exsphere, and Arashinome; they both made videos to this song saying how much I sucked, so I would have won by default had I edited anything at all. I’d be lying if I said I worked extremely hard on this during the two hours I had to edit. I had more fun playing around and breaking all the rules I’ve spent the past few years learning about this hobby.

I attempted the illustrate the concept of Psychomachia, which is defined as the war of the mind. You can pick it apart from that as you may, and rest assured there definitely is meaning behind this video.

Two scenes contained explicit material have been blurred out for the youtube release. The download link below takes you to the uncensored version:


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