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The “Web hawk” with the Hair Artist, Nancy

The purpose of this video is to highlight the artistic approach in Styling Hair with the all new “Artistic Rootz Natural Hair Styles & Illustration Magazine. The unique aspect of this magazine shows you Nancy’s creative ability to hand draw the hairstyle illustration and recreate them on a model. “Where art meets beauty!!”

The Hair Artist Bio: (For full Bio go to www.artisticrootz.com)
Nancy vividly remembers the day she became preoccupied with her 8th grade classmates’ hair. Before she knew it she had drawn the girl’s hair, strand by strand. This marked a significant transition into drawing hairstyles with such intricate detail. After Highschool, Nancy soon felt compelled to produce a hair book. Much to her surprise, beauticians fell in love with the book and readily purchased her work. Shortly after, Nancy stumbled upon self publishing information and followed a spontaneous inkling. In 2005, “Scaife Hairstyles” was published containing hand drawn hairstyles straight from Nancy’s God-given imagination.

Nancy’s work became recognized by many moguls in the hair industry. She obtained her first position within the beauty industry, working towards the creation of a unique magazine. However, Nancy quickly learned a valuable lesson. Her vision would not be fulfilled without God’s hand in the project. Over the next year, Nancy worked hard for the company, but faced many personal challenges. Towards the close of this partnership Nancy made a bold decision not to compromise her ethics, or allow credit to be placed in anyone’s hands other than God. It was at this turning point that Nancy dedicated her life to God, putting Him first in everything.

2013 marks a pivotal point in Nancy’s career. Artistic Rootz Natural Hair Styles & Illustration magazine was created. Nancy is the Artist, Stylist, & Publisher. The magazine will be released at the World’s Natural Hair Show in Atlanta Feb 27-28, 2013. For your copy of this magazine log on to www.artisticrootz.com and pre-order now.


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