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Top 10 Haunted Houses in America!

Check out my top 10 list of haunted houses you can visit in America for the ultimate scary Halloween! I wouldn’t go to any of them honestly because I get scared way to easily, but let me know which one(s) you’d like to go to in the comments below! Stay tuned for BLOOPERS at the end and if you’re new be sure to SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/JoshRimer :-)

I hope you enjoyed my video about the top 10 scariest haunted houses in America for Halloween! I’m Josh Rimer and this is The Sassy Scoop – on Tuesdays I review a viral video and on Thursdays and share a funny top 10 list. Then on a Sunday I put up a video of a new experience, challenge, or vlog so make sure you subscribe to catch the next one!

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