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WBF 2012 – Amazing “Avant garde” Show in SFX Category- Black Widow by Joana Bastos

Artist: Joana Bastos (www.joana-bastos.com)
Assistant: Joana Rodrigues
Model: Joana Miguel Moreira

Creation: Black Widow

During the development of my work, I have inspire myself in the women emancipation and in the power that women has been acquiring through the life and through the society. Women have become more independent and autonomous, without losing feminism and seduction.

At the same time she can be cold, manipulative and provocative and on the limit she can become in an “spider black widow”. Where the female can produce her own cocoon, weave their own webs and after the copulation with the male, she can kill him and eat him…

During my creation, I have used long hair, strong colors as the fluorine red and the texture of the special effects in order to represent the women as feminine, seductive and sensual. And the exuberance of my creation, the cold and metallized tones in order to represent the austere and dominating women.

I have also inspired me in the British designer Alexander Mcqueen because of the beauty, glamour and the grandiosity of his work.

There will be a performance accomplished by music adapted to a sensual, provocative and dominating attitude.

Filming by: WBF
Music by: Joana Bastos and Rui Alves
Video editing by: Rui Alves


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