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What A Girl’s Hair Means

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Hey friendship you know what I was thinking about? What if there were no such thing as “taco night” what if there was just taco forever? Like all we ever ate was tacos? I mean we could have so many choices, there’s meat of course like we could have beef tacos or chicken tacos or fish tacos, but then don’t even get me started on all the different kinds of like delicious veggie tacos we could have. We could make like dessert tacos with ice cream and all kinds of crazy stuff like sprinkles and fuckin gummy bears I mean lets do it and let our imaginations just run wild. Doesn’t that sound like an epic way to spend the rest of our lives together? Like just inventing tacos like a couple of bad ass mother fuckers. Indeed. This video doesn’t have anything to do with tacos, although it probably should. Tacos should from here on out be incorporated into everything that I do. I have a tinkle taco in my pants, do you? Maybe you have a pen15 and you’re in the pen15 club? That’s a cool club that I’ve never been able to be a part of because I don’t have a pen15 but from what I hear it’s really fun and cool and nothing like boy scouts, if anything it just blows that right out of the water. I totally abused the fuck out of my hair all day today and now it’s really angry at me so I put some coconut oil in it because Jesus straight up made that shit with his bare hands and was like, here you go motherfuckers, you’ll never have anything better than this shit. You’re welcome. And then he climbed up into his spaceship while he gave everyone the finger and zoomed off to heaven. Anyways I did a bunch of stuff to my hair, not all of this video makes sense but that’s because my brain is so confusing on the inside you know? Like I’m just all trapped inside here and I don’t know how to get out or make it stop being so weird. I can’t stop. Won’t stop. Eh eh eh eh. P Diddy. Who are the 5 best rappers in the world? Dylan dylan dylan dylan dylan. Babs can come too but Choppa is definitely overrated. Let me know if you feel trapped inside your brain too because I can’t be the only one. Car tits.

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