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You’re My Queen (Carter/Rosie) – Chapter 7

New chapter! Whoop! :)

“Good.” Rosie replied smiling.

Carter leaned in, kissing her. Rosie kissed back, leaning closer into Carter. Carter deepened the kiss, her arms wrapping around Rosie’s waist. Rosie’s hands found their way to the side of Carter’s face. Carter kissed her for a minute before finally pulling away to catch her breath. “Wow.” Rosie panted.

Carter giggled. “I just couldn’t help myself. Your lips were so tempting.”

Rosie smiled. “Well then I am glad.” Carter smiled back before cuddling into Rosie’s side. Rosie wrapped her arms around her as she rested her head in the crook of Carter’s neck. Carter drifted off to sleep, her head falling against Rosie’s.

Rosie glanced up at her and giggled lightly. Carter mumbled something in her sleep, absentmindedly pulling Rosie closer. “I love you Rosie. You’re the only thing I want.” Carter mumbled.

Rosie smiled and kissed Carter’s cheek lightly. “I love you too Carter.” Carter smiled a bit in her sleep. Rosie soon fell asleep in Carter’s arms.

The next morning, Carter woke up with Rosie practically on top of her. Carter smiled and kissed Rosie’s forehead. Rosie’s eyes slowly drifted open at the feel of Carter’s lips on her forehead. Carter smiled. “Look who’s finally up.”

Rosie giggled lightly. “Oh shush.”

“You’re kind of heavy you know.” Carter pointed out since Rosie was on top of her.

Rosie’s eyes widened a bit before rolling off of Carter. “I-I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Carter giggled.

Rosie let out a sigh of relief. “Okay, good.”

Carter smiled leaning in and pecking her on the lips. Rosie smiled back at Carter. Carter sat up. “I’m going to go take a shower.” Carter murmured before getting up and walking out of the room.

Rosie got up and walked over to the window before sitting down on the window seat. Carter came in a while later, wrapped in only a towel and walked over to her closet, searching for something to wear. Rosie glanced over at Carter and noticed that she was only in a towel. “You better not make this a habit Carter.”

“Why not? Does it bother you?” Carter asked, looking amused.

“O-of course n-not. I just think it would be easier if you brought your clothes with you.” Rosie replied shakily.

Carter giggled. “Oh wow nice way to put it Rosie.” Carter took her time picking out her clothes. It took all that was in Rosie to look away from Carter but she did it. She chose to look out the window instead. Carter smirked to herself. “You’re cute when you’re nervous.” Carter commented, slowly walking over to her.

Rosie looked away from the window and over at Carter, noticing her slowly making her way towards her. “W-what are y-you doing? Stay right there.”

Carter rolled her eyes playfully. “What do you think I’m doing?” Carter asked, now in front of Rosie.

“I-I do not know. That is why I asked.” Rosie stuttered.

Carter ignored her stuttering and put her face really close to Rosie’s, gazing directly into Rosie’s eyes. Rosie stared into Carter’s eyes almost as if she was hypnotized. A smile made its way across Carter’s face, loving the effect she had on Rosie. She suddenly pulled her face away and walked out of the room.

Rosie watched Carter leave the room in disbelief, sighing in frustration. “I will get you back Carter Mason.” Rosie mumbled to herself.

Carter came in a couple minutes later, now dressed. Rosie got up from her seat. “I must shower now.”

“Alright.” Carter replied, sitting on the edge of her bed, brushing her hair.

Rosie grabbed a few things before leaving the room. Carter waited for Rosie to return while she brushed her hair. Rosie walked back into the room awhile later wrapped in a towel as water dripped down from her hair. “I forgot my uhm… shirt.” Rosie said picking up a random shirt.

Carter watched her, biting her bottom lip slightly, unable to tear her gaze away. Rosie noticed Carter watching her and smirked lightly to herself. “Is something wrong Carter?” Rosie asked.

Carter quickly looked away. “N-no.” Carter stammered out nervously.

“Are you sure?” Rosie took a step closer towards her.

Carter looked up, seeing her get closer. She bit her lip nervously and couldn’t help but check her out. “Y-yeah I’m sure.” Carter stuttered.

“So then explain to me why you are nervous.” Rosie stated as she took another step closer to her.

“I-I don’t k-know.” Carter stammered, unable to look away from her.

Rosie finally reached her and leaned down a bit towards her. “It does not feel so great when you are on the other end of things, does it Carter?” Rosie whispered. Carter bit her lip, just giving a small shake of her head, her heart beating really fast. “That is what I thought.” Rosie said as she moved away from her, turning towards the door. Rosie smiled victoriously to herself before going back to the bathroom to change.

Smh at these girls lol


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